How to Fix a Humming Garbage Disposal?

How to Fix a Humming Garbage DisposalThese days, almost every household is equipped with a garbage disposal unit. It is a great value addition to the kitchen and can last long for as many as 10 years. But it is usual for any kitchen appliance to get dysfunction after a long run. One of the major problems with garbage disposal is the humming sound. But it is not a big concern and it is an easy fix. Follow the steps as mentioned below on how to fix a garbage disposal that only hums.

The humming sound that garbage disposal is making is the result of power coming to the unit but blades not working. This humming sound is the indicator that the motor is clogged or jammed. It results in failure to grind.

Reasons for Garbage Disposal Humming

Before working out on the steps to solve the humming sound, it is necessary to understand the causes of this issue. It can effectively reduce the fixing time.

In most of the cases, the reason for this sound is due to the jam. Sometimes the bits and particles of the waste are the reason for this kind of issue with the garbage disposal. They could be easily stuck between the blades and the drain resulting in the choking. Or it may be the case with any of the foreign object getting stuck between the blades and preventing them to rotate, causing the humming sound.

If there is no jam in the blades, then it can because of the lack of current from the motor. This is the reason for garbage disposal humming but flywheel not stuck.

Generally, whenever there is a humming sound, it means that the blades have jammed. There are several ways to resolve the issue depending on the nature of the jam. Follow these easy steps to fix garbage disposal humming.

How to fix a garbage disposal that only hums


1.    Reset the Garbage Disposal

Most of the garbage disposals come with a reset button which is a red button on the bottom. By pressing it, it trips the small circuit in the unit and resets the garbage disposal. It is not necessary that it would fix the noise. But there is no harm in trying it as a primary method.

2.    Disconnecting Garbage Disposal

It is better to unplug the unknit from the electrical supply or wall mounted switch. Remove the wires if any. It would prevent the motor from burning. It also ensures that you do not get electrocuted.

3.    Removing the Blockages

It is better to use tongs instead of hands to remove the blockages in the garbage disposal. Hold out the rubber drain flaps and remove the foreign objects like metal, glass or high-fiber foods and artichokes.

4.    Rotate the Blades

There is space for the hex wrench at the bottom of most of the garbage disposal units. This hole is the way to move the blades of the unit manually. Blades are moved in one direction when rotating through the motor. It is better to move the blade in both the directions, which can remove any potential blockages also. If you can see something form that hole, use the tongs to remove it completely.

5.    Supply Electricity and Try Your Luck

It is now safe to plug in the garbage disposal unit and try if it works. It is precautionary to stay away from it as the jammed object might fly out of the unit. In case glass or metal, be more careful of any debris.

6.    It is time for Shop Vac

If still, the garbage disposal humming sound does not stop, it is time to break out the shop vac. It might be some smaller particles which are causing the problem to the blades in rotating. It might be brittle glass pieces which are even complicated to pull out with the tongs.

Disable the power to the unit and stick the vacuum pipe down the drain and start the process of vacuuming. Prevent any unwanted particles to enter your nose while vacuuming.

7.    The Last Resort

If still, the garbage disposal is making a humming sound, it is the time to call the plumber. You can look up for any qualified and trained professional in your area instead of looking for DIY methods. There may be the reason which is beyond the capacity of a normal human tendency.

If none of the above methods comes to the rescue, then there is a possibility that garbage disposal has stopped working and is no more operational. The only option left in this case is replacing the garbage disposal unit.

Other Reasons for Garbage Disposal Humming

Aside from the already mentioned reasons, there could be a possibility of some other reason for the buzzing or humming sound from the garbage disposal.

A foreign object stuck: It may be the case wherein the object that is stuck was not meant for disposing of. It is stuck and prevents the impeller blades from rotating. This can lead to humming or buzzing sound from the garbage disposal unit.

Tripped GFI or disposer: It is not impossible that GFI or GFCI electrical circuit or the garbage disposal has tripped itself. When there is a lack of current, it can lead to a humming sound. The best method to solve this kind of problem is to press the reset button and checkif the disposal unit restores its function. In this case,the garbage disposal is humming but flywheel not stuck.

We have shared the detailed fixing solutions for the humming sound of the garbage disposal. It is now necessary for you to judge the problem and select the best suitable remedy. It is always better to call a plumber in case you are not too sure about the technical parts. Keep your hands away from the blade and use tongs to remove any object from the impeller blades.


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