Garbage Disposal Installation Cost

Installing garbage disposal is a convenient way to keep your life and kitchen clean. It is the finest methods to dispose of leftover food in the kitchen. There is a shift from the contemporary process of disposing of the garbage in the dustbin which could eventually end up in the landfills. Garbage disposal let you grind up the waste and leftover food into tiny particles which can be directly flushed to the septic tank or sewer. It makes washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen like a breeze.

Installing garbage disposal can make your life pretty easier and clean. Installing it under the sink is not a technical task. No matter how beautiful and clean your kitchen is, but there is always a need for clean-up. The tidying process is a lot easier and more cost-effective. No, we are not talking about robots! You can install a garbage disposal to chop up the waste.

Do you think garbage disposal installation cost is high? This kitchen improvement technique is not that expensive as you think. Read on to find out how much does it cost to replace a garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposal Installation Cost Factors

It is another home improvement appliance and nothing else. The garbage disposal installation cost or replacement of existing garbage disposal in the kitchen can vary based on various factors. We have tried to explain the multiple factors affecting garbage disposal installation cost.

Feed Type

There are two ways in which a garbage disposal unit can work. In batch feed, covering the unit dispose of the waste. Another method is continuous feed, where the unit keeps on disposing of the waste as it runs.

Both methods are designed to dispose of the waste except for the difference effectively is in timing. Continuous feeds are easier and convenient to use. In the batch feed, there is a limit to the waste you can scrap in a round as there is a need to cover. If you forget something, then you need to wait for another round whereas continuous garbage disposal needs no covering or waiting. It constantly destroys waste. It is time effective and very fast as compared to the batch feed.

Considering the safety issues, the continuous feed has open blades which might be a danger for the fingers and utensils. It is safe to use the batch feed garbage disposal unit. The batch feed is best suitable for nuclear families and less waste in the kitchen. Continuous feed is for large families.

Continuous Feed: $160 average cost

Batch Feed: $210 average cost


Aluminum and Stainless Steel are the two materials in which garbage disposal units are available. Both feeds are available in both types of materials, and they come with different speeds and sizes.

The significant difference in the materials is the cost. Aluminum garbage disposals are much less expensive than steel. However, they are prone to corrosion and leaks, and hence, they don’t last long. Whereas stainless steel units can last longer and are a bit more expensive. They are usually preferred by high volume households or for commercial purposes. Durability is the main reason, and the cost is secondary for commercial spaces. Families prefer low-cost garbage disposal, which can work quite long for them.

Existing Infrastructure

Replacing existing garbage disposal with the new one or improving or changing the electrical or plumbing connections, infer an extra cost which adds up to make the final cost. Most disposals last for 10 to 12 years. Most of the plumbers work on the same hourly rate for removing the existing garbage disposal and installing the new unit. This increases the time needed to install the new one, which finally increases the cost of the new unit. Rest all depends on the condition of the pipes and if any additional pipe needs to be installed, the price will go higher.

The installation of the disposal unit is time-related. Labor is charged on an hourly basis which can range in between $20 to $60 per hour. It can take up to two hours to install the new unit if everything is in hand and ready.

Labor & Wiring Costs

If you are installing a new garbage disposal unit, then there could be an additional cost for the grounded outlet to supply power to the garbage disposal. Labor cost and cost of electrical parts highly affect the installation cost. Addition of a new wire or a switch incurs an additional fee plus the labor cost on an hourly basis.

Average cost: 80$ (with materials)

Accessories and other Considerations

Garbage disposals come with an upgrade option as well. Consider these below-mentioned accessories which might be required for the unit in your home.

  • Anti-Jamming Units: New disposals come with anti-jamming technology at no extra cost which does not choke up. Some old models require an additional key or wrench which can be purchased at an additional cost of around 10$.
  • Treatment Dispenser: Treatment dispenser is necessary to remove the bad odor. It helps in cleaning the unit and keep it odor free. Purchase it an extra cost to install with the existing unit. Cost: around 8$
  • Dishwasher Drain Connectors: It is the mechanism to run the dishwasher wastewater through the garbage disposal. Cost: around 13$
  • Push Button System: Some units of a garbage disposal can work from the light switch while others require a mounted switch nearby. Sink, cabinets, or counter is the best place to fix this system. Cost: around 40$
  • A Baffle: These baffles can be installed around the drain of the garbage disposal unit to prevent unwanted things from falling in the unit. It can be the utensils or maybe silverware, which can be prevented from the wear by this installation. Cost: around 15$

The average cost of installing a garbage disposal system is $300  (The GD is included in price)


Garbage disposal is an important setup for any kitchen which can ease the process of cleaning. A relatively low-cost kitchen disposal system can last for a long time and add value to the kitchen. Except for the initial cost of installation, there aren’t many cons of the system.



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