10 Best Garbage Disposal for Septic System

Garbage Disposal for Septic System is built in order to accommodate the septic system in your home when you flush down the food debris through the sewerage pipes to the septic tank. Over a given period of time, the bacteria break down the food waste that is accumulated inside the septic tank. However, the thing is that both of the un broken and broken materials are accumulated for a long time.

Using a garbage disposal with a septic system will fix this problem. It is like a storage bucket for waste, and you need to clean it regularly just like you would a trash can or power tool in order to avoid any harmful waste and bacteria from building up inside of it.



Do you still use your garbage disposal unit like a conventional trash can? Stuffing down grease and vegetable peels down the disposal? While some people tend to think it’s a good idea, this isn’t really, especially if you want your garbage disposal unit last a lot longer and prevent any unnecessary blockage of the sewer pipe systems.

So getting for your home a garbage disposal for septic tank system may be a great idea but do not underestimate the level of impact that some food waste can actually have on your drainage pipes and sometimes even in the septic tank.



#1 InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal

best garbage disposal for septic systemThe InSinkErator is a leading industry leader when it comes to units of kitchen disposal. The model Evolution Septic Assist 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal has been developed with the purpose of working effectively alongside the septic tank in your home. This model is actually on the high end side of price, but it does guarantee an efficient flow of your food waste down the drain via the garbage disposal.

If you have an oversized household than manage your waste disposal efficiently with the help of this 3/4 HP motor Dura Drive Induction. This is the latest version that has incorporated the latest innovation in sound seal technology for a quiet performance especially if you have infants at home. Jamming during the grind is almost non existent thanks to the two stage process of grinding. The 40 ounce chamber can accommodate the food waste of a large dinner party at home. You can dump just about any kind of food waste imaginable and still get years of use from this model because all its components are made from stainless steel material.

Product Highlights:

  • Stainless steel 40 oz. grind chamber and other grind components for a longer durability
  • Offers 4 years of in-home warranty
  • Soundseal technology for noiseless grinding
  • Multi grind technology – two stage grind and bio charge cartridge


  • Dura Drive 3/4 HP Induction Motor developed for bigger households
  • Multi grind two stage technology
  • Includes the bio charge cartridge to excel in the process of disposing and also to help in controlling the bad odors
  • Very quiet performance with the help of the sound seal technology
  • Designed exclusively for use in septic tanks


  • Does not include a power cord
  • A bit expensive

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If you are in the market for a compact size garbage disposal with septic system than the Waste King Legend Series L-3200 Compact Continuous Feed 3/4 HP is the perfect choice for you. This model comes with a lot of features like its processor and is backed by powerful motor so that it can easily slice through any kind of food.

This garbage disposal for septic is activated through an air switch that is sink mounted or even a wall mounted switch which can be easily reached right underneath the sink in your kitchen. Other benefits to this model include the strong polymer corrosion proof interior chamber which is made of stainless steel. The splash guard is removable and makes it easy for you to retrieve dropped items in case you accidentally drop anything that you did not intend to.

With the reset button, you can also revert the unit from running in a normal operation so you can take care of unexpected jams.

Product Highlights:

  • Small and light compact size. Measures 7 – 3/4 inch diameter, 13 – 3/4 inch long and 8.6 lb in weight
  • 2700 RPM or 115 volts 3/4 HP permanent motor magnet that is insulated for sound and does not jam
  • Quick and easy installation with EZ mount with removable splash guard
  • Power cord is pre installed
  • Highly durable with grind components made of stainless steel


  • Corrosion proof high strength grinding chamber
  • 3/4 HP powerful motor
  • 2700 RPM torque speed
  • Reset manual button
  • Safe to be used on septic tanks that are properly sized
  • Feed operation is continuous
  • Limited warranty of 8 years


  • Not very quiet during grinding performance at home

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If you are looking for a garbage disposal with septic system at an average price, then the Waste King Knight is the perfect choice for you. This model with its 1.0 Horse Power has the capacity to turn the sharp blades at an impressive speed of 2700 RPM, easily cutting through even the toughest food waste.

You can easily replace the Knight with the company’s innovative snap and lock mount unit. One of the most successful features in this model is none other than the exclusive sound technology which uses the same material as it is used in most of the music studios,we also include this model as one of the best garbage disposal for deep sink.

Manufacturers have tested this Knight model through some of the toughest tests to make sure that the food waste is reduced to the finest of particles. With glass nylon inside the grind chamber, corrosion is not a problem.


Product Highlights:

  • High quality Silencer Technology that is mostly used in music studios for sound proofing
  • Can easily replace most of the existing disposers with the lock mount and new snap
  • Easily mash through even the toughest food material with the help of the 2700 RPM
  • Does not need a multi stage chamber because powerful motor cuts through waste in just one pulverizing pass


  • 1.0 HP motor is exceedingly powerful
  • Uses the same silencer technology as in most of the music studios
  • Integrates the one pass technology. Removes the need for a multi stage grind
  • Nylon glass filled chamber which is corrosion proof
  • Impellers made of stainless steel turns at 2700 RPM
  • Safe for use on septic tanks that are properly sized


  • Size of the disposal is bigger than the normal average
  • Does not include an additional power cord

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This garbage disposal for septic tank is one of the best in the market, surpassing most of its competitors when it comes to competition level. It is also commonly purchased by parents who have small infants at home or toddlers who need to take naps every now and then. The high quality noise reduction features will give your house a noiseless performance under the sink in your kitchen.

Another outstanding feature is the grinding performance. You will not have to endure the problems of jamming and clogging even when you put in the toughest food waste inside it. Since you get faster results, you also will no longer have to worry about the problems of water and energy bills every month.

The anti vibration mount will make you think there is simply nothing performing under the sink. The tail pipe mount comes with a rubber connection that is located right between the drainage pipe as well as the outlet of disposer discharge. The grind feature comes with different layers like the grindshear ring, tri action lug system, under cutter disk, jam sensor circuit, etc.

Product Highlights:

  • Ultra quiet grinding performance with the help of the sound seal technology
  • Three grind stages in the multi grind technology which quickly grinds any food waste
  • Stainless steel 40 oz. grind chamber and other grind components for the purpose of longevity
  • Dura Drive 1 HP Induction Motor. Does not include a power cord


  • Exceptional level of noiseless operation
  • Grinding action is very powerful
  • Installation is very simple
  • Components are made of stainless steel
  • Comes with 7 years of in-home warranty


  • Cost is quite high
  • Weight and size are very large
  • Drainage system is quite slow

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Moen is one of the world’s leaders in the manufacture of shower heads, plumbing supplies, faucets, etc. and this garbage disposal with septic does not disappoint. This Moen GX50C garbage disposal with 1/2 HP is designed to last for many years. The sink drain flange comes polished with stainless steel, and all of its grind components are made from stainless steel.

This unit is very strong yet not bulky at all, and the design is compact measuring 7.5 x 7.5 x 16 inches in total and weighs 13 pounds. Even the smallest cabinets and kitchens can easily make room to install this powerful unit.

One of its top highlighted points is the power. The 0.5 Vortex horsepower has a permanent magnet motor which operates at high speed of 2600 RPM. The continuous feed enables you to add your food waste into the sink directly even when the unit is running. This enables you to get a quicker cleanup without wasting any time. With full speed operation, food grinding also does not take time.

Product Highlights:

  • 2600 RPM 1/2 HP vortex motor with powerful capabilities for grinding daily kitchen food waste. Reduces jamming to a high level
  • Universal Xpress Mount system for easy mounting assemblies
  • Power cord is preinstalled which saves time in installation and money compared to other models which require a separate purchase
  • Sound deadening insulation with shound SHIELD


  • High speed vortex permanent magnet motors offering less jams and powerful grinding
  • Easy installation with universal “Xpress Mount”
  • Highly compact design
  • Feed function in continuous mode
  • Reduced grinding noise with the technology of SoundSHIELD insulation
  • Power cord is included and is preinstalled
  • 4 years of in-home warranty


  • Price point is higher
  • Horsepower is slightly less

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For those of you who are searching for the best garbage disposal with the septic system should definitely try out the Waste King L 8000. This one is budget friendly yet comes packed with one of the strongest grinding performance power under this budget. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most powerful in the market right now.

This 2800 RPM permanent magnet control has the potential to chew up all your kitchen waste materials like a beast. It comes with a wide variety of features under such an affordable budget. It has a fast operating system with a continuous feed disposal which enables you to put your food waste even when the unit is already running. This saves you time in the kitchen when you are doing the clean up after a family dinner.

Product Highlights:

  • Sound insulated 2800 RPM permanent magnet motor that jams less
  • Easy and quick kitchen installation with EZ Mount
  • Power cord comes pre installed
  • All grind components are stainless steel yet it is lightweight and compact
  • Unit is activated using a wall switch


  • One of the most efficient and powerful under this budget
  • Disposes a wide variety of waste from your kitchen
  • Most ideal for big families that require efficient sink disposal management
  • EZ Mount System offers easy and fast installation
  • Stainless steel grinding components and impellers reduces any chance of corrosion and jamming
  • Eco friendly and fast
  • Mechanical warranty for lifetime


  • Splash guard opening is a little small for putting waste inside of the chamber
  • Size of this unit is too big for smaller kitchens and cabinets
  • Not the quietest unit in the market right now

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General Electric aka GE is a well trusted brand in the market right now when it comes to reliable garbage disposal for septic tank systems. This GFC525V has an impressive shredding performance that has the capacity to turn any food waste into complete mush. With .5 HP, this unit is a lot stronger than its previous model GFC325V.

This one has a very powerful permanent magnet motor which gives heavy duty performance. It reaches an impressive 2800 RPM speed and removes the requirement of any additional multi grinding levels.

All its components are made of galvanized stainless steel which makes it highly durable in nature and is tough to any acidic food and years of use. The splash guard is removable which enables easy cleaning and helps clear up the kitchen sink quickly with the drain boost technology.

The large capacity helps manage the food waste faster and more easily. It offers efficient performance in septic systems with proper size.

Product Highlights:

  • 1/2 HP heavy duty permanent magnet motor offering 2800 RPM grinding capability
  • EZ Mount installation, splash guard and stopper
  • Galvanized steel turntable offers large capacity
  • DrainBoost technology
  • Dual swivel, anti jam, stainless steel grinding blades


  • Ensures a quiet operation with the advanced insulation package
  • Ideal for any midnight cooking or snacking where throwing food waste down the kitchen sink can wake up the entire family
  • One of the most hardworking grinding units under this budget
  • Unit is very easy to install


  • Grinding is not exactly noiseless but offers a muffled sound
  • Quite expensive

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waste king l 2600 garbage disposal ideal for septic tanksWaste King L 2600 model is one of the best choices in the market right now under this category. For starters, it is quite affordable compared to other brands in this performance category. The 1/2 HP motor is very powerful and can easily manage all of your kitchen waste management single handedly.

This unit has a lot of purchasing customers in the market right now because it is one of the few rights now that consumes less energy even with an impressively enhanced performance. It also uses less water to flush it down the drainage, hence help a lot of the consumers to save up on their power and water bills every month of the year.

Installation is easy with the lock and twist mechanism. While most consumers can make the installation by themselves without calling for a professional mechanic or plumber, the unit also comes with an easy to understand manual for installation purposes.

Product Highlights:

  • 2600 RPM 1/2 HP permanent magnet motors to jam less
  • Easy and quick installation with EZ mount and removable splashguard
  • 5 years of in-home warranty
  • Power cord comes preinstalled, hence no electrical work is required
  • All grind components are made of stainless steel
  • Unit is activated with the help of a wall switch


  • Affordable price compared to other brands in this category
  • Offers very low sound when the unit is running
  • Has the capability to grind really fast
  • Installation is very easy with the EZ mount
  • Comes with dual warranty
  • Compact and small size for space saving
  • Power cord comes attached


  • Noise level could be a little higher than expected
  • Installation is a little tricky

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If you are looking for a garbage disposal with septic systems than the GE GFC530V 1/2 HP Deluxe Continuous Feed garbage disposal is something to keep an eye out for. This is a complete beast when it comes to garbage disposal units and is strong enough even to accommodate extra large capacity for disposing of food waste.

The 2800 RPM has the potential to slice through even the most difficult food waste items that you throw under the sink. In this unit, there are two levels of pre cutting systems to make sure that the food waste can be easily chomped in an efficient manner. By cutting it continuously, it avoids any possible jams that can get in the way of efficient working.

The sink flange is made of stainless steel, and it also comes with impellers and turntable. The shaft is made of carbon steel to make it really light and yet give it the required strength. Consumers can easily mount the unit without any additional help from the neighborhood plumber.  A power outlet is directly connected to it for easy performance.

Product Highlight:

  • Over 2800 RPM of grinding action
  • Heavy duty permanent magnet motor 1/2 HP
  • Stainless steel turntable with extra large capacity
  • Offers direct connection for wire power
  • Stopper and removable splash guard included with the EZ Mount
  • Anti jam, dual swivel and stainless steel grinding blades


  • Motor 1/2 HP
  • Super strength 2,800 RPM
  • Blades do not jam
  • Uses carbon steel for stainless steel build quality
  • Mounting system is impressive
  • Capacity is large


  • Cannot make adjustments with an allen wrench because of absence of socket underneath
  • Quite noisy when grinding is underway

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FRIGIDAIRE FFDI501DMSIf you are looking for a very high performing garbage disposal for septic system than the Frigidaire FFDI501DMS 1/2 HP Grindpro is the perfect choice for you. With 1/2 horsepower, this garbage disposer is directly wired and offers a continuous feed performance with impressive speed, power and the capacity to grind a large amount of food waste rather quickly.

With 2600 RPM speed for grinding, it can grind food to fine particles within such a short period of time efficiently. It immediately creates more power as you switch on the unit because of the presence of the GrindPro high torque magnet motor. It uses less water, electrical energy and does not jam!

Impellers are used in the stainless steel grinding system which resists corrosion, jamming and extends the durability. It has armature shaft made from cold rolled carbon steel. You can manually reset it as an option for overload protector. It has a standard sound package for all varieties of uses.

Product Highlights:

  • Product dimension: 13 7/16 inches in height, 7 11/16 inches in width
  • Lightweight and compact easy fit design that fits almost all of the kitchen sinks
  • Diameter of drain outlet is 1.5 inches
  • Perfectly safe for use on septic systems
  • Wall switch control and continuous feed operation
  • Reduced noise for a quiet operation with sound guard
  • Food is prevented from splashing out of the unit with the help of the splash guard


  • This Frigidaire can fit just about anywhere
  • Very cheap compared to other brands in this category
  • Polymer housing with the s/s blades are very durable and long lasting
  • Powerful disposer and very sleek addition to the kitchen décor


  • Plastic connector is not so strong
  • This disposal is not so quiet
  • Does not have a port to loosen any jams

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  • Do not use it as a substitute for a trash can
  • Pump the tank as frequently as possible if you have the tendency to overuse your septic garbage disposal system
  • Do not for the habit of tossing vegetable peels, egg shells and grease down the disposal
  • Get yourself a compost roller if you want to make compost from food waste at home


This is quite a tricky one to answer. For you to get the right answer, consider the following factors as well.

  • HOW OFTEN TO PUMP OUT YOUR SEPTIC TANKCapacity and size of your septic tank
  • How much waste water do you add to your septic tank on average per day?
  • How much solid waste is being accumulated in the septic tank and the wastewater stream on a daily basis. The more the solid waste enters the septic tank, the more you need to pump your tank

If you are a household with a lot of people living and there are lots of kids involved who use excessive water and accumulates solid waste that directly goes to the septic tank, then you will definitely have to pump a lot more often. As for those of you with small family size where you use less water, and less solid waste is added to the septic tank on a daily basis, you will need to pump the tank only once in a while.

The bottom line is that the septic tank is actually only a part of the whole equation. Garbage disposal for septic systems is actually developed for the purpose of removing solid waste before it actually proceeds to the soil to be absorbed. Adding any extra chemical additives are not at all required to accelerate the process of decomposition of the waste materials.

Pumping your septic tank therefore actually depend on the circumstances mentioned above. You can conduct an inspection for your septic tank about every two to three years.


There are no reported incidences about homes facing difficulties because they used garbage disposal for their septic tank. The only caution you should keep in mind is the fact that you should use it with care.


As I mentioned earlier, garbage disposal with septic systems are not trash cans. You should never overuse it even if you just recently bought it and it is in tip top condition. Using your garbage disposal every day can adversely affect the septic system in your home. It is perfectly safe for food waste to be dumped down the drain in small pieces. However, if it is in large chunks, definitely throw it in the trash can at home.


The thing is that coffee grounds do not decompose. When the coffee grind is wet and fresh, it will flush down the pipes as long as the water is flowing. However, the grind sinks to the pipe bottom like mud fall to the bottom of the water. The grind then gets stuck to the pipe and will not budge! It will eventually dry out and form a layer there which will not go off easily no matter how much water you flush down the drain. Overtime, it will lead to serious clogs in your pipes.

If the coffee ground makes it to the septic tank, after all, it will settle at the bottom and start to build up over a period of time which will eventually lead to clogs in the pipe drainage of the septic system.


Once the septic waste is pumped into a vacuum truck, it is transported to the wastewater treatment plant to give it a final treatment. Usually, the waste water is taken to a certified disposal field so that they can use the stabilized wastewater as a form of fertilizer. This method of spreading waste in the field is a great way to dispose of it because the nutrients in the water are used by the roots of the plants and the water is naturally cleaned. This is a popularly accepted form because it has little negative environmental impact.

  1. Mike says:

    Is it really important to how big is septic tank for choosing garbage disposal?



    1. Milo says:

      Hello Mike,

      the point is how many people do you have in your family?

      More members requires more powerful garbage disposal with more horse power.

      For 1-2 members 1/2 HP , for 2-4 family members 3/4 HP , for 3-6 1HP

  2. Norman says:

    Hello Milo,
    I bought Waste King garbage disposal two months ago.
    Now it’s time to clean garbage disposal a bit.
    I wanted to ask if I could use some natural ingredients for cleaning because my septic installer told me to avoid strong chemicals ?

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