Best Electric Kitchen Composter : Top List with Reviews

There is no secret that composting involves plenty of labor to reach the desired results. If we were going back to the past, hot turn compost bins up to twenty days, a worm compost bin takes between one to three months, black soldier flies compost bins take three weeks, and a slow no turn compost bin takes three to twelve months.
That’s why we are here to deliver a high new level of electric kitchen composter that can transform your dinner into potent, organic fertilizer for your garden for just a few hours.

Have you decided which indoor kitchen composter you would like to purchase? Well if you haven’t decided yet, I will introduce you some of the best models today, and several key features you should consider before you buy.

But First, What is Electric Composter?

electric composter buttonsThe Electric Composter is an device which process Organic Matter that has decomposed, and it will recycle organic materials that will turn into a soil conditioner or a fertilizer, addition of vital humus and humic acids. The process of composting requires green waste such as leaves, grass or food scraps and waiting for it to break down into humus after few hours instead of classic compostin which sometimes it takes months.

Composting requires the presence of air or called merely the aerobic method for you to decomposed organic solid waste. Decomposing an organic material into humus-like material also known as composting or compost, this is a good fertilizer for our plants.


How Electric Composter Works?

To work effectively, most automatic  composters are made up of:

  • Waste container – For storing materials that we will compost.
  • Automatic mixing wand – Turns ingredients constantly.
  • Heater – Keeps optimal temperatures inside composter and therefore accelerate the speed of the composting.
  • Air pump – Draws in oxygen to accelerate the work of microorganisms in soil.
  • Carbon filter – Absorbs odors from waste.
  • Cure tray – Collects fertilizer
  • Drip tray – Collects Liquid

Top 4  Electric Composter For Kitchen

Here we will show five indoor electric composter that is easy to use and eco-friendly along with their description and specification and also how to use it.

#1 Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Food Recycler and Kitchen Compost Container

This food cycler food recycler takes your kitchen scraps reducing them up to 90% in just as little as three hours, and it will also create a highly mature, nutrient-rich soil amendment that’s ideal for making your garden grow. This food recycler is odorless and too lightweight that is you can quickly move this recycler wherever you want. It won’t also attract scavengers, and it is a non-eyesore.

Never worry about when to change your filters again because this machine now has a Filter Monitoring System. Also improved the internal components to reduce the energy consumption and increase the lifespan of the device. We have made adjustments that will allow better processing of bones and “hard-to-digest” food scraps. The coating on the bucket has also been improved to allow for a better “non-stick” surface and more natural cleaning.


Indoor Food Recycler and Kitchen Compost ContainerWorks with the following:

  • Coffee Grounds, Filters & Tea Bags
  • Cereals & Grains
  • Cheese
  • Chicken & Fish Bones
  • Beans, Seeds & Legumes
  • Eggs + Egg Shells
  • Fruit & Vegetable Scraps
  • Meat, Fish, Shellfish & Poultry Scraps
  • Pet Food
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Here’s how it works:

  1. Power On the unit and remove the lid
  2. Cooked or Uncooked, Scraped leftover food right into the removable waste bucket.
  3. Inside the main unit place the bucket inside, lock the lid and begin processing.
  4. When the bucket is full run the Food Cycler. No worries it will automatically turn off itself once the processing is complete.
  5. You can now empty the contents directly into your garden, or you can also spread it on your lawn.

#2 Smart Cara CS-25 W Food Cycler Indoor Kitchen Composter

Artificial intelligence function of dry state recognition, energy-saving in monthly electric light rates. Complete drying of powder form, dramatically reduced weights of one-tenth. Loose type of dry container easy to cleaning. Innovated deodorization performance through complex multiple activated carbon. This product is an AC power input voltage is AC220V, the plug shape is a C type plug.


Smart Cara CS-25 W Food Cycler Indoor Kitchen ComposterFeatures:

  • Reduces kitchen waste up to 90% and In as little as 3 hours.
  • Waste foods compost to a viable soil amendment in less than 3 hours.
  • Odorless because it’s designed is compact and environmentally friendly.
  •  No additives required.
  •  With this removable dishwasher safe basket allows this machine to operate anywhere, saving more valuable counter space.
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There are three ways to process this machine to composting the kitchen waste a snap

  1. Power On the unit and remove the lid
  2. Scraped leftover food right into the removable waste bucket and place the bucket inside the unit. Locked the lid and begin processing
  3. When the bucket is full run the Food Cycler. You can now empty the contents directly into your garden or lawn.

#3 Food Cycler Indoor Kitchen Compost Container

This machine is ideal for gardening applications, in as little as four hours your kitchen scraps will be reduced up to 90% into a highly mature and nutrient-rich soil amendment. There are no additives required, load the bucket and go. The removable, dishwasher-safe basket allows this machine the Food Cycler to operate anywhere in your home, saving you more valuable spaces. Simple push the button and transform your food waste into a nutrient-rich soil amendment.

Food Cycler Indoor Kitchen Compost Container


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Odorless
  • Energy efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Short cycle
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About Food Cycler

  • Odorless – using a unique formula of activated carbon that will keep the potent natural smells of food that contained, and space free from lingering the odor.
  • Easy To Use – push button, and it will automatically create a safe & Natural Soil and lawn amendment that good for your garden.
  • 3-hour Cycle in just 3 hours you can transform your food waste or scraps into a sterile and safe soil amendment.
  • Fits Anywhere – a compact that is a lightweight and odourless that can be used anywhere not just in the kitchen. You can choose wherever you want to let it effectively and discreetly work its magic.
  • Energy Efficient – you can save more because this Food Recycler is using less electricity than a small microwave, and yes you heard it right. This unit ensures energy is used efficiently and minimally because of its feature of the sensor technology that is part of eco-driven technology

How it works:

  1. Power On the unit and remove the lid
  2. Cooked or Uncooked, Scraped leftover food right into the removable waste bucket and placed the bucket inside the main unit. Locked the cover begin processing
  3. When the bucket is full run the Food Cycler. No worries it will automatically turn off itself once the processing is complete. You can now empty the contents directly into your garden, or you can also spread it on your lawn.

#4 Compositio C30

This is one of the tops of the line composter and can handle 3 gallons of food scraps per week. This is perfect for customers who have a lot of food waste or a family of 3-4 people. Also this good everytime you there is an event cause there is so much food waste. It breaks down the food scraps fast. This Compostio C30 is a very durable, recyclable, lightweight, and energy efficient material, and it is made from APPRO.


Compostio C30Features:

  • It can carry 3 Gallon
  • It will Double the reinforced, the metal motor gears that help grind the food more efficiently and internally releases mechanism for jams.
  • It has a control panel with three power settings that can set to High, Medium, and Low
  • Efficient APPRO which keeps the heat in the unit that is Material-energy, helping the compost break down fast as it can.
  • It comes with two chamber system upper and the lower. Add food anytime to the upper chamber and then when full you can transfer it to the bottom chamber and start all over again.
  • With its internal components, the food grade metal will not rust
  • Fully Assembled
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These five products show us that there will be no more wasting our food anymore. With these, now you can have a nutrient-rich soil amendment that is an excellent idea for your gardening. As you can see these five products can turn all sort of waste foods into a fertilizer such as fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry scarps or even pet food and tea bags that can be used on your lawn. Even if you can use for pet food,you can’t for their waste , for pet waste you need to use special pet waste containers.

Also, these products are, and it will not cost you much in electricity. Every cycle consumes approximately 1kwh, yet it will end its cycle automatically. This cycler creates 54% less CO2 than a regular composter on your backyard, and it is 94% less greenhouse gas than your average landfill and help reduce the waste sent to landfills. It will be a massive help for us to have it no more waste foods, not cost much on electricity and also it is eco-friendly.

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