Compost Tumbler : Complete Buying Guide

A lot of people try to compost at their homes but tend to fail, as it is frustrating to turn your kitchen scrap and grass clippings into usable compost. If you have a farm or a garden, with a composting tumbler, you can save up your money for buying sacks of manure.
Rather than buying manure in your local’s well-known shop, you can just make your own compost and use it for your farm or garden. There are a lot of composting tumblers in the market that you can choose from. Therefore, we have prepared this article to give you several best products as a suggestion.

What is a Compost Tumbler?

Yes, we already know that a composting tumbler is a device to turn specific waste into compost, but how does it exactly work?
For simple description, a composting tumbler is a barrel that can turn or rotated in different directions. These things are often made from recyclable materials like plastics, the said barrel will be then filled with lots of grass clippings and other kinds of organic yard waste, and kitchen waste.

As for the process, aside from food and organic yard waste, you can also add a bit of manure, garden soil, or finished compost to help with the composting process, but you can also add nothing at all if you want. The organic waste materials that you have added in the barrel will be broken down, like the heap method, by a lot of microbes and living organisms that is fueled by the help of oxygen.

To make the composting process much faster, the barrel should twice to three times a week, which will mix the organic materials and microbes together while being infused with fresh oxygen. After a month or less, you will then be provided with a new and rich compost that you have made for yourself.

What are the Benefits and Limitations of Compost Tumblers?

A decent tumbler that you should be looking for should be able to be turned quickly, but if you want a quick compost, doesn’t mind the needed muscle work, and is living in an area where the neighbours are far, then you can just stick with using a compost bin or heap. This is a much cheaper process and will also give you a lot of exercises.
If you don’t have enough free time and is not a fan of muscle work, then a composting tumbler is the perfect one for you. But before you get out of your house to purchase one, you should consider following a few things:

  • Compost roller in backyardYou should try the tumbler out if it is easy to turn or not, or else you will have a hard time turning the tumbler once it is filled with waste materials. It will also cost you to compost much longer.
  • If you have a ton of grass and food materials to compost, then consider getting a bigger tumbler, it can efficiently produce more than a smaller tumbler.
  • If you want to have fresh compost within three months or less, then you should adequately fill the tumbler in one go. If you keep on filling it week after week, the composting process will take much longer to break the waste materials, in that case you can check electric composters which needs less time to make compost.
  • You should know that the tumbler will work more effectively during the summer, or if it’s hot enough to heat up the tumbler. Cold weather will prevent them from heating up, which would make the process much longer. Compost tumblers need enough heat to help out with the breaking process.

Several reasons why the tumbler’s it is beneficial for composting


  • Prevent Rats from Getting into the Heap
    Since the heap contains food waste, it will become a huge heap of attraction for vermin and other kinds of passing species like cats, birds, racoons, and the number one pest in town, the rats.
  • It’s Makes Composting More Enjoyable
    Most of us don’t like doing work or chores, especially when you are composting smelly, grimy stuff. But with a compost roller, it will make your job much more accessible and will help contain the smell.
  • Energy Saver
    All you have to do is to fully fill it and roll the barrel a couple of times a week. No need to use an excess amount of manpower to compost materials.
  • Fast Output
    You can actually produce compost for as fast as three weeks, but the result is that it produces rough compost. However, it still works great to be used as mulch.
  • Perfect for Limited Space
    If you have limited space in your place to make your own compost pit, then this material will surely be of great help for you. However, you should consider placing the tumbler on a flat surface with a container at the bottom of it. This will let the fluid from the tumbler drip into the tank instead of oozing out at the floor.
  • Very Useful for those Who Have Back Problems
    There are a couple of styles that you can choose from when purchasing a tumbler. If you have a back problem, then no worries, as you can get a composting tumbler that is made with gear and levers for smooth rotation.

If there are benefits, the tumblers also have their own limitations and disadvantages:

  • It is more costly than a compost pit that is made in the ground.
  • Unlike an in-ground compost pit, you can create one in any size that you like, but in tumblers, they are only available in limited sizes.
  • It is much harder to control its moisture. Controlling the tumbler’s moisture is important as the liquid doesn’t leave easily from the container. However, this could be a benefit during dry climates.
  • You need to balance the number of greens and food waste in the container to avoid creating a slimy mess.

8 Best Compost Roller with Reviews and Their Pros and Cons

Compost rollers have been put to use for decades already, and because of that you can now choose a whole lot of different styles, but they are still in limited sizes. There are two types of commercial tumblers: vertical and horizontal. And as for its variations, you can either get a spherical tumbler that is rolled along the ground or those that are placed on a stand.
Here are several of the best compost rollers in the market:

#1 EJWOX Garden Compost Bin Tumbler

This is a dual chamber composting that contains separate compartments. Its purpose is that you can fill up the first compartment for compost, while you leave the other container empty. And as the composting process of the first container is about to end, you can then fill the second container with organic waste materials. Therefore, you’ll have one container that is in a composting process while the other contains the finished rich, black dirt that is ready to use.

Each container has its own sliding door, which will enable you to keep track of its process. Each entry has a length of 10.23” and with a width of 6.1”. This is perfect for those who don’t want to mix their organic waste in their compost bin. This product has a 43-gallon capacity.

Compost Bin TumblerPros:
• It has a high capacity
• Ideal for small places like a backyard
• It has 2 functional compost chambers
• The sliding doors are very easy to use
• It takes a bit longer to assemble, which usually last about 30 to 60 minutes.

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#2 Yimby Tumbler Composter


This is another best-selling product that is also an Amazon’s choice. This is a tumbling composter, which can be mixed without mixing or digging the pile with your hands. With the tumbling design, it makes it much easier to mix and very efficient. Close the door and turn for about 6 times or more every 2 to 3 days.

If you compost in hot, sunny conditions and with the proper balance of greens and browns, you can get the finished results in just 2 weeks. The container is made with durable materials and can hold a capacity of 37 gallons.

Yimby TumblerPros:
• The barrel is made from a galvanized steel frame and UV resistant plastic, which makes it a weatherproof compost bin.
• It can be opened from the top for a refill and rolled down to the bottom to be opened and emptied in a bucket or wheelbarrow.
• It has excellent aeration to mix in sufficient amount of oxygen in the compost.
• It has two chambers which will enable you to place the nearly finished compost and fresh organic materials separately.
• It mounted on a steel frame for easy access
• It has a smaller capacity than other compost bins

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#3  Exaco Mr. Spin Dual Chamber Composter


Exaco is a dual chamber composter that is placed on a two-leg stand. The two compartments will allow you to put the old and new organic waste from each other, separating them from each other will make better compost. Its style is quite popular which is why a lot of people buy this product, it is also perfect for those who have a small yard.

The design of the compost bin will allow you to turn the bin easily, and since the compartment is elevated it will help protect its content from rats and other kinds of pests.

Dual Chamber ComposterPros:
• The compost bin is made from eco-friendly materials
• It has good value
• It works as how it is advertised
• Very easy to use
• It has a 43-gallon capacity
• The doors are quite smaller than your expectation
• it gets a bit harder to turn when added with a lot of compost

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#4  Jora Composter Tumbler


This tumbler is designed as an insulated compost bin, which is placed on a frame and has a convenient handle to be easily rotated. Its internal walls are made from a 2.16” insulated polyethylene plastic that can effectively seal off the odor. Aside from that, the bin is also constructed with dual containers, which allows you to fill new waste materials on one compartment as the other compartment finish its compost process.

Furthermore, as the bin is completely sealed and placed on a steel stand, it will prevent the odor from leaking out and keep the rodents away. This product is very easy to maintain and rotate.

Jora TumblerPros:
• It has insulated walls that other product doesn’t have
• Effectively seal the odor away
• Despite the size, the container can be easily rotated
• It has a massive capacity of 70 gallons
• The metal sheet surface and galvanized steel frame is rust-proof
• It’s hard to be assembled alone
• It will rust over time, especially when often exposed to wet conditions

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#5  Spin Bin Composter


This spin bin composter has a large capacity of 60 gallons, which enables you to compost more organic waste materials. Just fill it with kitchen and organic yard waste and spin the container to mix the ingredients thoroughly.

This product is made in the USA. It has better aeration which will allow more oxygen to circulate inside the container. Its dual mixer bar, 20 ventilation slots, and rugged ribbed interior will not only let more oxygen to flow, but it will also result in a faster decomposition for dark, rich compost.

Spin Bin ComposterPros:
• It has a ribbed interior and 20 ventilation holes for better decomposition
• It can hold a capacity of 60 gallons
• Can be easily rotated for a natural mix of compost
• Can be filled or emptied on either of the barrel’s end
• The tumbler comes with a 2-year warranty
• A bit hard to assemble due to its little parts
• It is unassembled upon arrival
• The barrel’s side openings can be a bit difficult to fill through

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#6  Dual Body Tumbling Composter


A lot of people consider this product as one of the best composters for some reasons like the product is fairly spacious but compact, very easy to use and has excellent aeration for better decomposition. Unlike the other compost bins, this product only has a capacity of 37 gallons.

This product is made from recycled polyethylene, which makes it resistant to the sun’s harmful UV rays. But at the same time, it can hold can effectively retain the heat which is necessary for the composting process.

Dual Body Tumbling ComposterPros:
• It has excellent aeration for a proper composting process
• Very easy to assemble
• Easy to be used by anyone
• It has an excellent price-quality ratio
• It is made with a beautiful design
• It has dual chambers
• The coat may scrape off over time
• The chambers are a bit small
• It doesn’t come with an instruction

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#7  Miracle-Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler


Unlike most of the dual compost bin available out there where the chambers are rotated simultaneously, the Miracle-Gro tumbler’s chambers can be rotated separately. In this way, you can add compost at different times and turn it without messing up with the container’s decomposition.

Each of the containers can hold a capacity of 27 gallons, this allows you to produce a decent amount of compost even if it’s on the smaller side. Another thing about the product is that it is properly aerated, which means you can have the result in as little as two weeks when appropriately maintained.

Miracle-Gro Large Dual Chamber Compost TumblerPros:
• The product is made of heavy-duty recycled polypropylene
• Very durable
• Its chambers can be rotated separately
• Very easy to use
• The capacity of each chamber is small

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#8  Suncast Tumbling Composter


The tumbling function of this container can make compost for as little as 3 to 4 weeks, unlike the stationary compost. It is made from a galvanized steel frame which makes it sturdy and durable. It can also handle different kinds of weather conditions well.

The latching lids will allow you to fill and empty the barrel easily. It can also be easily assembled on your own.

Cubic Foot Tumbling ComposterPros:
• It has a durable resin construction
• Can be quickly filled and emptied
• It is made of galvanized sturdy steel frame
• Functional and very reliable
• It can be a hassle to assemble
• It has a smaller capacity unlike other compost bins
• Not very durable

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Should I add water to my compost?

Yes, you should, but not regularly. Whenever your heap looks a bit dry, you can put a bit of water to moisturize it. A successful composting will require the proper amount of moisture. The reason why you need to water your compost heap is to keep the living organisms alive. You want to keep your compost moist, not soggy and definitely not dry. Water your compost as often as needed always to keep it moisturized.

How often should I spin my compost tumbler?

You should spin the barrel 5 to 6 times every 2 to 3 days for fast results. If you are not in a hurry, you can rotate your tumbler for about 2 to 4 times a week. Don’t spin to roughly for best results.

How long does it take for compost to be ready?

It usually takes 1 to 3 months for the composting process to be finished if the tumbler is not rotated regularly. However, if you regularly spin your compost barrel every week, your compost can be ready for as early as 2 weeks.

Home composting is a great way to be economical, by composting you can help reduce the amount of pollution created. Because, instead of burning all the organic waste, you turn them into a useable mulch or manure.