How To Choose The Right Size Trash Can For Your Home

What Size Trash Can Is Right For Your Home?When looking for a trash can for your home, have you considered about what size you are getting? If you haven’t, then you are like most people who like you, haven’t thought much of it.

When it comes to storing waste, the size of the trash can really do matter. The amount of waste of a single person produces a day will be around 4.4 pounds, while in a family of 4 is about 17.4 pounds. This would be like your guide on what size of garbage bin you will get. Let’s learn more about the dimensions of trash cans.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Size of Trash Can For Your Home

Figuring out the best size of the trash bin that you should use will depend on several things. It’s not just about the amount of waste that you should only consider, and you should also think about your tolerance of the smell, the space requirement, and your habits.

Here is a guide on choosing the right trash can sizes for your home:

1. The Room Where You’ll Place It

In most households, they would usually place their largest trash bins in the kitchen and the garage. The kitchen is the place where most waste is produced. In the garage, that’s where you’ll store your trash once the smaller trash cans inside the house get full.bathroom trash can 4 gallon sized

Aside from those places, trash cans are also placed in offices, bedrooms, and in bathrooms. The sizes will still vary on the dimensions of the room, but usually for a bathroom a 4 gallon-sized trash can would be enough, in a bedroom or office a 7 to 10 gallon-sized trash can would be sufficient, and for the kitchen, since this is where the most trash is created, will probably need a 12 to 16 gallon-sized trash can.

2 .The Available Space

Aside from the sizes, you should also consider the amount of space available in a room. This is mostly applied in the kitchen since it is a room with less space. Unlike the other rooms in the kitchen, you will have to need a space where you can put the trash can without taking up much space, and would not get in your way.

If you are planning on putting your trash can underneath the sink, the height should be around 30-inch tall, while the size should be around 7 to 10 gallons. If you are planning to put it in the corner of the kitchen, you should probably get a trash can with a cover so that your kitchen won’t smell like a dumpster, the size should probably be around 12 to 16 gallons. But if you have a rather large kitchen with a lot of available spaces, then you can place a 20 to 30 gallon-sized trash can near the Kitchen Island or pantry.

3. The Amount of Trash that You Create

If you live on your own and mostly eat on canned and other packaged foods, then you’ll most likely create more waste than those who cook their foods. Aside from trash, you’ll also have to do a lot of recycling. The more trash you create after eating, the bigger the trash can you’ll need.

If you are recycling and composting, getting a 7 to 10 gallon-size of trash bin would be enough for your other waste. If you mix your food waste with your other trash, then a 12 to 16 gallon-size trash bin would be sufficient. And if you throw out recyclables, trash, and food at the same time then a 20 to 30 gallon-sized trash bin would be the appropriate size.

4. How Many People Are There In Your Household

The more people living in your home, the more waste that you’ll likely produce. So, if you have a family of 4 to 6 people, then you’ll probably need a large trash can.

If you only live on your own or with a partner, you can make a 7 to 10 gallon-sized trash can as your main trash bin. For a family of 4, you would want to get a 12 to 16 gallon-sized trash can if you want to avoid taking the trash out too frequently. And for a large family, you should probably make a 20 to 30 gallon-sized trash can as your main waste receptacle. Also if you have problems to keep animals out of garbage can, you should consider to invest in lockable outdoor trash can to prevent spreading food around your home.

5. Your Emptying Habits

Most households often take out their trashes daily, if you are one of them then you can at least keep a 7 to 10 gallon-sized trash can. But if you are one of those people who mostly wait till their trash can gets full to the brim, or would empty their after a week then you would probably need a larger trash can.

If you have less than four people in your home, a 12 to 16 gallon-sized trash can would be enough to store waste for a week. But if you have more than four  people in your home, then you should get a 20 to 30 gallon-sized trash can.


And that’s it! I hope this guide has helped you out in choosing the right size of the trash bin for your home. How will you know if you have purchased the right size of a trash can? If the size of the trash can fits just fine in the available space in your home, and if it gets full just when you are about to take out the trash, then you have most certainly got the right size for you.