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Keeping your home organized can make a huge difference in the long run. Proper organization will make you more productive and it’ll help ensure that you do not trip over something in the future. Plus, you’ll have a much easier time finding the items that you need when you need them. This is why you should think about buying an over the toilet storage cabinet. This will make it very easy for you to keep your items organized and out of the way. Within this guide, you’re going to learn all about these products, and you’ll find tips for buying one for your home.

Considerations When Choosing The Best Over The Toilet Storage

Over The Toilet Cabinet StorageUltimately, there are numerous things to take into consideration when attempting to buy one of these products. You need to make sure that you’re going to get your money’s worth. So, what should you take into consideration to ensure that you’re going to be spending your money wisely? Below, you’ll find tips to ensure that you’re able to get one of the best over the toilet cabinets for your money. 

CostFirst and foremost, you need to figure out how much you’re willing to spend on one of the best bathroom cabinets over the toilet. Indeed, a lot of people do not have a lot of money to spend. Therefore, you might be eager to save money. Just remember that you’re going to get what you pay for. Therefore, you should not hesitate to pay a little more. Doing so will ensure that the cabinet is more durable and sturdy. If you spend too little, you might waste your money and end up hating the investment.

StyleWhile you’re at it, you’ll want to consider the style of the cabinet. While your primary goal should be to have spacious storage, you do not want to turn your bathroom into an eyesore. Therefore, you need to make sure that the style of the cabinet is going to match the bathroom’s style. This will ensure that everything looks great.

Durable And Sturdy – Ultimately, the durability of the cabinet is the most important thing to consider. You need to make sure that it can remain upright on its own. It shouldn’t sway back and forth easily. Make sure that it is very durable and sturdy. This will ensure that your cabinet lasts for many years to come.

Storage SpaceYou’ll also want to consider the storage space. Can the cabinet hold a lot of items? Remember that this is the entire purpose of the cabinet. Therefore, you need to make sure that the cabinet can hold all of your items. Otherwise, you’re going to be defeating the purpose. Make sure that the cabinet is spacious on the inside so you can keep your items organized easily.

WarrantyFinally, you should take a look at the cabinet’s warranty. Even the best over the toilet cabinets can experience problems at some point. Therefore, you should protect your investment with a good warranty. When buying an above toilet cabinet, you need to make sure that you’re given a warranty. One year is good but something longer is far better!

10 Best Over The Toilet Storage For Your Bathroom

Below, you will find our reviews of 10 of the best over the toilet storage for bathrooms. There is something for all tastes and interests here!

1. Sauder 41411 Caraway Etagere

Whether you are looking to add some storage to your bathroom or trying to neaten up the place, you cannot go wrong with the Sauder 4111 Caraway. This product offers some of the best over the toilet storage that you will find available on the market today. This durable and sturdy cabinet will not only provide the extra storage that you need, but it will enhance the overall look of your bathroom, which is something that cannot be said about a lot of other over the toilet storage devices.

Cubbyhole Storage With Adjustable Shelf

The first notable feature is without a doubt the cubbyhole and adjustable shelf. The adjustable shelf is located right behind the framed panel door, providing you with the space that you need to store all your bathroom essentials. Combine this with the unique and ample cubbyhole and you will have more storage than you ever imagined.

Engineered Wood Construction

When investing in any storage device, you must always consider the material. This is especially true when it comes to bathroom storage because bathrooms are more than overly exposed to large amounts of moisture. Moisture that can be extremely hard on wood. And, that is exactly why the manufacturers of the Caraway decided to construct their storage device of engineered wood. This wood is not only stronger than your traditional wood, but it has the necessary properties to help it wick away moisture.



  • Constructed with engineered wood
  • Beautiful soft, white finish with slate finish accent
  • Adjustable shelf located right behind the frame
  • Also includes handy cubbyhole storage


  • The dimensions are 23 ¼ (W) x 7 ½ (D) x 68 1/8 (H)
  • The lower space cannot completely accommodate towels

Sauder 414111 Caraway Etagere



2. RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection Spacesaver

The RiverRidge Spacesaver is one that features traditional shutter doors combined with fixed interior shelves with large openings. Whether you are looking to store small bathroom essential or large items like towels, you should have a problem doing just that with the RiverRidge Collection Spacesaver. Not only this, but the RiverRidge was specifically designed so that it can be anchored to the wall. Anchoring the storage device to a wall stud will ensure that the shelf doesn’t tip or flip over.

Available In White And Espresso

Unfortunately, most of the cabinet on this list are only available in white. That being said, there is nothing wrong with this because white meshes well with other colors and most bathrooms use white. However, with the RiverRidge Spacesaver, this isn’t the case at all. Users will be able to choose between a white finish as well as an espresso finish. Whatever you choose, you shouldn’t have a problem getting the device to mesh with your already existing décor.

Mix With Other Ellsworth Items

With a little bit of research, you will quickly discover that the Ellsworth name is one that is prevalent in the household industry. Not only does Ellsworth create a unique and handy over the toilet storage device, but they create a variety of other home essentials. You can mix the storage device with their other items to give your bathroom an entire makeover.


  • Comes available in two color schemes
  • Can be anchored to the wall to provide extra support
  • Ellsworth also creates a variety of other household items
  • Easy installation


  • Must be bolted to the wall if you are going to use it for large and bulky items

RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection Spacesaver


3. Lisbon Collection Shelved Bathroom Space Safer

When it comes to elegance and superior storage, it is hard to bet everything that this white over the toilet cabinet has to offer. Not only does it include the essential storage requirements for the modern bathroom, but it includes other features that make the device more than crucial. First, look at the cubbyhole and enclosed shelf. The storage device provided both open space storage and closed space storage.

Pre-Hung Door Magnet And Hinges

No one wants to spend countless hours trying to assemble their new bathroom storage device. This is something that the Lisbon manufacturers understand all too well and this is exactly why they decided to make the process as easy as possible. Of course, there will be some assembly required with the kit, but to make things easier, the company already pre-hung the door magnet along with the door hinges. This not only makes the installation easier but it ensures that the door lines up as squarely as possible.

Fits Over The Standard Toilet

Most people have a standard toilet in their home. In fact, most homes use the standard toilet size and this is pretty much why the Lisbon Collection Shelved Bathroom Space Safer was designed to fit standard toilets. The entire cabinet measure 7.5 x 24 x 67 inches and has a maximum storage capacity of 10 pounds when the support anchors are properly installed.


  • Fits the standard toilet
  • Windowed doors with curtains
  • Includes both a cubbyhole and closed storage
  • Door magnet and hinges are pre-hung


 Only has a maximum weight limit of 10 pounds.

Elegant Home Fashions Lisbon Collection Shelved Bathroom Space-Saver


4. Best Living Monaco Bathroom Shelf 

The bathroom shelf from Best Living is one of the best options. However, you should know that you’re going to be paying a lot more for this shelf. Nevertheless, it’ll prove to be worth it in the long run. After all, this unit comes with three shelves. You can guarantee that it is going to provide you with plenty of storage space. There are no doors. Therefore, your items are going to remain visible at all times. Nevertheless, the spacious storage makes up for it.


Now, you should take the time to learn about the dimensions of this shelf. Otherwise, you’re not going to know whether or not it fits your bathroom. This unit measures in at 26 by 9.84 by 67 inches. Again, it is slightly taller than some of the alternatives. This ensures that you’re going to have plenty of storage space. In total, there are three shelves so you can keep your items organized without any problems.

Brushed Titanium 

Finally, you need to realize that this shelf features brushed titanium. This will make a big difference in the long run. It helps ensure that the shelf is going to last many years. On top of that, it looks impressive too. If you want a gorgeous shelf that is very sturdy, this is the one you’ll want to consider buying.


  • Provides three shelves
  • Compatible with almost all toilets
  • Brushed titanium is durable and gorgeous
  • Won’t wobble much
  • Easy assembly doesn’t require tools
  • Tempered glass is durable
  • Weighs just 20 pounds


  • Very expensive
  • Smaller than what the pictures portray

Best living monaco bathroom space saver etagere shelf


5. MyGift Space Saver Metal Storage Organizer 

The Metal Storage Organizer Rack from MyGift is a good option for people who wish to save money. This is a freestanding metal shelf that will provide you with a decent amount of storage space. It includes one shelf and one removable magazine rack. The magazine rack is located on the size of the unit. This ensures that you’ll have plenty of reading materials when you’re in the bathroom.


Now, you should take the time to analyze the size of the storage unit. This one is great in this category. It won’t consume a lot of space yet it will provide you with plenty of storage space. It measures in at 26.25 by 38.5 by 11.5 inches. This ensures that it will be compatible with toilets with a maximum height of 34 inches and a maximum width of 22 inches. Suffice to say; it should be compatible with more standard toilets.


While you’re at it, you should know that you’re going to be required to assemble this rack. The assembly process is lightning fast and uncomplicated. It might not compete with some of the best above toilet cabinets but it is still worth the price. Just remember that your items are going to remain visible on top of the rack at all times.


  • Fits most toilets
  • Fairly sturdy
  • Will not break the bank
  • Looks good enough
  • Includes a magazine rack
  • Available in two colors


  • Items remain visible and exposed
  • Doesn’t offer as much space as the alternatives.

Space Saver Design Metal Storage Organizer Rack white colour


6. Target Marketing Bamboo Cabinet 

The Target Marketing 23040NAT Cabinet is an excellent option for most people. This cabinet is gorgeous so you can guarantee that it is going to look amazing in your home. On top of that, it offers two shelves. When compared to some of the alternatives, you can guarantee that this cabinet is going to provide you with more storage space. Plus, it is made of bamboo. You can guarantee that it is going to be very sturdy and gorgeous.


Now, you should take a look at the size of this space saver cabinet. It is slightly bigger than many of its competitors. The dimensions are 66.9 inches by 27.56 inches by 10 inches. Again, it offers two shelves and this ensures that you’ll be able to keep a lot of items tucked away in the cabinet. You can potentially use the top of the cabinet to hold items too.

Not Too Heavy 

Another thing to note is that this product isn’t too heavy. In total, it weighs 33 pounds. That is pretty good. If you empty the cabinet, there is a good chance that you’ll be able to move it around on your own. You will need to assemble this product but it isn’t too difficult. You should be able to get it done in an hour or so.


  • Weighs just 33 pounds
  • Features a towel rack
  • Includes two shelves
  • Bamboo construction will last a lifetime
  • Assembly isn’t too complicated
  • Help save space
  • Spacious storage compartments


  • Slightly expensive
  • Very tall

Target Marketing 23040NAT Bamboo Space Saver Cabinet


7. Best Choice Products Contemporary Over-The-Toilet Cabinet 

Are you looking for a gorgeous over the toilet cabinet that will not break the bank? This product is available in two colors, white and espresso. It might not be black over the toilet cabinet but it is very close. If you’re looking for a white over the toilet cabinet, this is the only you’re after. It looks great and it is inexpensive too. The unit is designed to ensure that you’ll be able to keep your items organized without much effort.


Now, you should take a look at the size of this cabinet. It measures in at 23.25 inches by 7.25 inches by 69 inches. It is compatible with most modern toilets. Plus, the storage space features cubby holes. This means that you can use it to store your towels and rags. There is a small storage shelf on the portion closest to the toilet too. Overall, it provides plenty of storage space.

Adjustable Shelves 

You should know that this cabinet features adjustable shelves. This is going to make a big difference. You can guarantee that you’ll be able to customize the cabinet to bet suits your needs. You can make the shelves bigger or smaller depending on what you’re after at the time. Again, this over the toilet cabinet can hold a lot of items.


  • Available in two colors
  • Looks modern and great
  • Offers plenty of storage space
  • The shelves are adjustable
  • Has cubby holes
  • Weighs less than 30 pounds
  • Very affordable
  • Assembly is easy enough


  • Cut outs might cause the shelf to be slightly crooked
  • Will wobble a little bit

Over-The-Toilet Space Saver Organization Wood Storage Cabinet for Home, Bathroom


8. Mainstays 3-Shelf Over-The-Toilet Bathroom Shelf 

The Mainstays brand is known for its high-quality products. And, its 3-Shelf Chrome Bathroom Shelf is no different. The shelf has an over-the-toilet design, so it will fit perfectly in small bathrooms. The chrome finish is neutral to ensure it coordinates with your bathroom décor and fixtures. The frame and shelves are durable and stable.

Easy Assembly 

The Mainstays 3-Shelf comes with everything you need to assemble it. Follow the step-by-step instruction guide and have the shelf assembled and ready to use in 15 minutes or less. The Mainstays’ customer service department is only a phone call if you encounter any issues with the assembly process.

Lightweight Design 

The shelf is one of the lightest weight bathroom organizers available on the market. The shelf weighs approximately 7 pounds, so you should not need any help with transport or assembly. All of the parts are labelled to an error-free assembly.

Metal Frame And Shelves 

The frame and shelves are constructed from durable metal. The metal is coated with a chrome finish to ensure it coordinates perfectly with your bathroom décor and fixtures. The metal is guaranteed to not rust or corrode throughout the life of the shelf.


  • Easy assembly
  • Pewter finish
  • Metal construction
  • Includes a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty
  • Lightweight design (approximately 7 pounds)


  • Warranty is limited
  • Finish options are very limited

Mainstays 3-Shelf Bathroom Space Saver Chrome


9. Zenna Home 3-Tier Over-The-Toilet Bathroom Shelf 

The Zenna Home 3-Tier Bathroom Shelf is ideal for small bathrooms. The over-the-toilet design requires little space, which is unlike most standalone brands. The bottom shelf is 35-inches from the floor, so you will access to all of your accessories. Each shelf is constructed from wood with a driftwood finish, so it will coordinate with most bathroom décor and fixtures.

Durable Frame 

The Zenna Home Shelf has a metal frame. The metal is coated to create a corrosion-resistant finish. The finish is pewter, which is not a neutral color but should match the existing décor and fixtures.

Easy Assembly 

If you do not want the hassle of a complex assembly, then the Zenna Home Shelf is ideal for you. The shelf comes with a step-by-step instruction guide to ensure a quick and easy assembly. If you follow the guide to a tee, you should have the assembly process completed in 15 minutes or less. If you encounter any issues during the process, you can always rely on Zenna Home’s customer service representatives to help you solve them promptly.

Lightweight Design 

The lightweight, compact design to ensure secure handling for women of all ages. The shelf weighs approximately 17 pounds, so you should not need any assistance with transport or assembly. If the shelf is too heavy for you to handle alone, you can always remove the parts from the box before moving to the bathroom. Each piece is labelled to prevent errors during the assembly process.


  • Easy assembly
  • Pewter frame finish
  • Durable, stable metal frame
  • Wood shelves have a driftwood finish


  • Assembly hardware needs improvement
  • Finish options are very limited

Tier Over-The-Toilet Bathroom Spacesaver


10. UTEX 3-Shelf Over The Toilet Shelf Bathroom Organizer 

Is your bathroom disorganized? If so, you should consider investing in the UTEX-3. This is the ideal shelf for small bathrooms because it fits perfectly over the toilet. Unlike other standalone shelves, the UTEX 3-Shelf requires little space even though it is has a standalone design. The shelf will hold your accessories, so they are only an arm’s length away.

Easy Assembly 

The UTEX-3 comes with an in-depth, step-by-step instruction guide. The guide will lead you through the assembly process with ease. If you follow each step to a tee, you should have the shelf fully assembled in 15 minutes or less. Once the assembly process is complete, you simply place the shelf over your toilet and it will be ready to put to use.

Neutral Finish 

Regardless of your décor, the UTEX-3 will coordinate perfectly with your bathroom. The shelf has a white finish, which is a neutral color. The white has a soft tone to ensure the shelf blends in with your bathroom décor, fixtures, and other accessories.


  • Durable, compact design
  • Three spacious shelves
  • Measurements – 25.1 L X 10 W X 65-1/2 inches H
  • Easy Assembly
  • Neutral soft white finish
  • Comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee


  • Finish options are limited to gray, espresso, and white
  • Label stickers are difficult to removers

utex 3 - shelf bathroom organizer over the toilet - grey




At the end of the day, you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble finding the best over the toilet storage unit. Remember to use the tips above to your benefit. By doing that, you’ll be able to find a top of toilet storage unit that will meet and exceed your expectations. Start with the aforementioned toilet storage products and go from there.


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