3 Compartment Trash Can : Top 10 List

3 compartment trash canWith the growth of population, humanity also produced an alarming amount of garbage. Progression and innovation usually correlate with how we make history, with those arising issues, innovative individuals or companies had thought about a solution for such problems.
Also, this is where 3 Compartment Trash Can had been introduced to our society; Bins have come a long way since it first appeared and made available to the public. With various shapes and sizes that would fit to whoever purpose it fits.
A great item and a necessity to have around to properly dispose of our litters, with its primary purpose of holding together garbage’s until proper waste disposal is available.

3 Compartment Trash Can For Indoor Use

Now, let’s take a closer look which among of these ten indoor compartment recycling bins is perfect for you and your family.
Moreover, the interior is designed for easy cleaning with rounded corners and smoothe wipeable surfaces.

#1  3 Compartment Step-On Recycling Trash Can

This side by side triple compartment recycle bin are constructed from stainless steel with plastic liners for durability with a capacity of 12 gallon.

3 Compartment Step-On Recycling Trash CanFeatures:

Multiple Compartment
Separating the trash from bottles, cans, and recycling is simple with this recycling bin that allows you to combine your trash cans and recycling bins into one unit.
Removable Container
This recycling bin has a removable plastic container with handles that makes easy to trash or to recycle out. This makes cleaning even faster.
Stainless steel recycling bin
This recycling bin is constructed from durable stainless steel that is built up to last and cleaning this recycling bin is easy, just simply wipe down the stainless steel outside or inside.

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#2  SBM 15-3-20WH In-Cabinet Bottom Mount Pull Out Trash Can

Knape & Vogt SBM15-3-20WH in-Cabinet Bottom MountThis recycling bin features KV heavy Duty ball bearing precisions slides and A specialized wire management system that holds the bin in secure place. The bottom mount unit is providing stability and partially assembled for a faster installation with only four screws you can install it easily.
1. Heavy Duty Mounting Straps
2. Integrated Handle
3. Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Precision Slides
4. Updated Wire Management System

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#3  At-Your-Disposal Recycling Center

This trash bin has three rigid plastic bins that hold plastic, paper, cans or waste making it more easy to recycle and extremely durable corrugated polyethylene plastic won’t fade, rust or deteriorate for years of reliable use. Each of the capacity of the bin is 28 gallon that includes built-in handles. If you are in need for just two separate cans,you can check our double can top 10 selection.
Safco Products At-Your-Disposal Triple Recycling Center 9798BLFeatures:
Recycling Center
Choose from three connected 28 gallon that makes receptacles for easy, waste, labeled and recycling removal.
Waste Receptacle
With attaching technologies to connect 3 more cans.
This Trash Can is concave opening trash can with bag retaining ring and moisture resistance.


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#4   Three Compartment Stainless Steel Trash Can and Recycling Bin

With its 3 compartments, this Stainless steel trash is designed to handle all of your waste, recycling, and storage needs that’ll be perfect for your home or even in your office. It also has the removable and heavy duty stainless steel frames and easy to clean its compartment. There is no need for your hand to open it, because of it’s hands-free step pedals that’ll allow you to sort your items into the removable inner bins, no fuss, no batteries to replace and use this bin to sort recyclables, regular household waste, even common use items as laundry or pet food.

4. 3 Compartment Stainless Steel Trash Can and Recycling BinFeatures:
Each bin holds up to 13 Gallons bags that allows you to separate your waste more.
Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Pedal
Stainless steel pedal that allows you to sort or separate your waste/ trash as easy as stepping on it.

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#5  Round Mesh Wastebasket Recycling Bin

This set includes 3 separate wastebaskets for use as a trash can or recycling bin in your home or in your offices, and apartments. Constructed from steel wire mesh with a reinforced rim and base in every basket. Not just that, this wastebasket is a smooth, silver epoxy powder-coat that provides in dry environments and it also has a ventilated design that prevents from moisture from accumulating and helps to keep the basket sanitary and dry. Measuring 12 inches in diameter, the tapered cylindrical design features a round top. 6 gallons can store for each basket and can be lined with 8-gallon trash bags. Furnish every room of your home with a wastebasket, or outfit a new office with a bin at every desk. Easy to clean with Damp and Soap, so just wipe it away with excess water and let air dry.
One For Each Room
This Wastebasket can separate that can use for every room also within the kitchen, living room and bathroom.
Ventilated Wire Mesh
Prevents moisture build-up and ensuring the basket easy to clean and ventilated because of its diamond wire mesh.

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#6  Waterproof Recycling Bin

This waterproof recycling bin has three pieces for the can, a plastic paper that is a very convenient way to waste recycling. Stronger, stiffer, and Larger than before. Three compartments that allow you to separate or to recycle your waste conveniently and it’s very Easy to Carry with an attached handle. Double stitch that ensures no unforeseen tearing for heavy waste loading.
Waterproof 2 compartment Recycling BinFeatures:
Big Size Organizer
With its three compartment that allows you to recycle or separate your waste more conveniently.
Easy to Use
Easy to Carry with attached handle and separated conveniently with Velcro.
Sturdy Stitching
Double stitch it’s handled straps to ensures that no unforeseen tearing for heavy waste loading.

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#7  Disposable Trash Can & Recycling Bins

This recycling bins are attractive, disposable trash, and recycle bins. Durable Paper Bin that is lined with a leak resistant plastic trash bag. These Bins make recycling and trash disposal easy. You can use it wherever you want, whether for parties, picnics, camping, or like under sink trash can. These Bins is a great solution anytime you wish to use instant trash or recycling bins.
13-gallon Capacity that makes it more long enough until it’s full.
This bag is also recycled from paper, made from 50% recycled paper.
It can also be re-used, because of its durable outer paper liner is sturdy enough for several uses, and the plastic liner trash bag can also be replaced.

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#8  Recycle Bag Waste Basket

Neat and Good looking kitchen recycling bins. It also has an inner frame that makes the bins stand upright and prevents getting Stained. This wastebasket has a waterproof coating, and water washable. With its handle bag type, now you can carry easier.
Recycle Bag Waste BasketFeatures:
With its Three Compartment, now you can separate your waste into 3 pieces for Can, Plastic, Paper.
PP waterproof Coating and water washable.
Inner frame
Helps the bin stand upright and prevents getting strained.
Because of its Handling Bag type, this recycle Bag is more comfortable to carry.

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#9  Recycle Bin Kit

The Recycle Bin Kit is designed to handle all of your multipurpose, waste storage and recycling needs. Use it for recycling, non-recycle waste, laundry detergent or dog food. The recycle bin kit can be stacked with or without the lid. There are three in total, one green, one yellow and one blue. The kit will be an ideal addition to your kitchen, office, laundry room and even your garage. It will also work for commercial uses in restaurants, day care centers, break rooms and front offices. The recycle trash bins are a great way to do your part in protecting the environment. And, it comes with a bonus “Go Green” guide to help you be even more environmentally-friendly.
three compartment Recycle Bin KitFeatures:
With its 3 compartments recycle with a capacity of 16 gallons each.
Three separate removable trash bins that can separate your trash or waste that is stacked Design to save spaces.
Bin Kit Features:
• The lid can stay partially open for ease of use
• Store recyclables and more
• Stackable Design works with or without Lid

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#10  3 Component Garbage Sorter Pull-Out Trash Can with Slides

This 3 compartment Recycling bin is designed to handle your recycling needs. Separate compartments that’ll be nothing will be mixed up. With its easy pull out design allows you to sort out trash easily and it is no assembly is required. Include with a lid with good Sealing Performance.
3 Component Garbage Sorter Pull-Out Trash Can with SlidesFeatures:
Easy Pull Out
Design with the smooth sliding way, and it has commercial grade ball bearing tracks that can glide out smoothly.
Made from materials consist of ABS shell and PP components which is more durable for years of use.
Convenient Carry Handles
Keep your hands clean when you dump trash, because of this trash can has a carry handle for you to carry.
Good Sealing Performance
Keep your kitchen Neat and Clean with its Lid, a perfect to avoid unpleasant smell emitted.

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Imagine a world without these Garbage Bins/Cans people will only throw their trash into the streets, buried in holes or even dumped into the water and clearly, to improve odor, sanitation, and more there is always a better way to dispose of our waste or trash. With the help of Trash Cans, Garbage Bins, and Dumpsters around our homes, School, Workplaces, Restaurant, Streets and other public places they have become fixtures in our lives that we take for granted.


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